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The Office of Civil Rights has issued some significant guidance regarding students with ADHD, this is a MUST read

OCR Guidance ADHD


The purpose of this website is to provide information to parents of children with disabilities. We have taken every precaution to provide current and accurate information. However, Susan Bruce is not an attorney, does not have a law degree, and is not a member of the Bar, and any information contained in this website should not be construed as legal advice.
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Special Education Advocacy and Consulting of the Carolinas

Susan Bruce

Welcome, Parents! You Are Not Alone!

Navigating the special education system can be a daunting task.  Public education for many kids comes easy, is a perfect fit.  However, when a child does not fit into the "cookie cutter" schools expect, public education becomes an entirely different animal.  When parents of students with disabilities begin this "journey" most just trust the people in the education system to do what they are educated and paid to do, only to find out, that often it just does not happen.  Sometimes, it is not malicious, but out of ignorance.  Nonetheless, parents are the “IEP” (Individualized Education Program) or “Special Education” police.   We ARE the accountability and often must educate the educators.  Special Education Advocacy and Consulting of the Carolinas in Charlotte assists families all over the states of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Susan believes parents are their children's best advocates and understands that learning how to navigate the special education system can be overwhelming. Her mission is to support, train and empower parents to become effective IEP team members and effective, yet collaborative advocates for their children ensuring the student receives the most appropriate education to meet their individual needs.........hence the "I" in individualized education program.  


With the right IEP or 504 your student can be successful!

​Assisting families in obtaining an appropriate education for their students with disabilities.

"Susan helped our family advocate and understand the law when we had to fight for our daughter with special needs. Her knowledge of the law is priceless and I recommend everyone with a child with special needs to seek her guidance and support".~~SC Parent

Did you know?

If your student has an IEP, he is also covered by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  Unlike IDEA which is an education law, 504 is a civil rights law that promises the same access and opportunity to students with disabilities as that of students without disabilities, free from harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

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